Jordan Tera Watt

Why Solar?

Investment your operating costs and gain a competitive advantage.

Solar photovoltaic (solar PV) technology has been available for decades, so why are businesses adopting it so rapidly now ?
Jordan Tera Watt


"As a leader in renewable energy business, we look at the long term. Capital investments like solar are good for business. We are increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the supply chain, and most importantly, we are taking the initiative to protect our environment."

Cost Savings


While the costs of the energy bill are rising steadily and rapidly annually over the past decade, and at the same time there is a continuous decrease in the cost of solar energy production significantly due to the spread of sufficient awareness to go to solar energy in light of the decline in the use of traditional energy sources. For businesses interested in reducing energy costs, and investing in the solar energy economy, Jordan Tera Watt provides long-term partnerships in order to achieve a successful and feasible return on investment in the energy bill for companies, while achieving an abundance of energy source and an abundance of expenses that accompany traditional energy sources.

“As a pioneer in renewable energy, we are looking forward to a long-term partnership by investing in the energy bill to collect a saving and feasible return for business. We are working to encourage the shift to renewable energy and we are working to increase awareness of renewable energy efficiency and the extent of cost reduction and the achievement of abundance in energy production and most importantly. From that we are taking the initiative to protect our environment. "



Solar greatly enhances your environmental leadership.

Commercial businesses use a lot of energy. Aside from the expense, traditional sources of power deplete our natural resources and lead to greater pollution. As awareness and concern for climate change grow, businesses are under greater scrutiny for their environmental impact. By reducing your business’s carbon footprint, you demonstrate goodwill toward the planet, stewardship within your community, and leadership within your industry.

Solar provides opportunities for sustainability marketing.

In a crowded sales environment, a message of corporate sustainability is a valuable differentiator. Buyers feel good supporting products and services powered by the sun. Solar investment is visual, making it easy to showcase via press coverage, video, social media, in-person events, and other channels. Many customers have reported some of their highest engagement metrics have resulted in communications about solar.

Jordan Tera Watt